Secure – 150 spaces

Bicycle shed

Locked with an access code, and can be used by residents.

Laundry room

For use by residents only, it comprises four 7kg washing machines and four dryers open 24/7.
Washing machine: 1.5€ to 2€
Dryer: free

Mail and parcels

The Maison des Élèves receives mail and parcels addressed to residents. 

Parcels can be collected from Monday to Friday from the administration or the night-time caretakers. Very convenient as it avoids having to rush to the post office! 

The caretakers distribute mail every evening. Your mail box is located on the ground floor of the two main buildings. 



Shared kitchen

One kitchen per floor and per corridor, or almost! The kitchens are equipped with induction hobs, ovens and microwaves. But they are mainly places for spending time together cooking, chatting, meeting new people, interacting with others… The kitchens give the pulse to each floor as they are real hubs of life.

Le Cercle (upper cafeteria)

The upper cafeteria is THE place to relax in the ME. It includes two billiards tables, table football, cosy armchairs and coffee tables. At night, Le Cercle is transformed into a community bar run by the residents and is the ideal place for socialising.

Community hall (lawer cafeteria)

For the residents, the community hall or lower cafeteria is THE social venue of the ME. This venue becomes the busiest hub of the ME during parties and events organised by the BDE, the BDA or other associations hosted within the ME after making a request to the caretakers and management. The community hall has a total surface area of 200 m2. It includes a stage, a sound system, a bar with two refrigerators. It can be used free of charge by residents throughout the year to organise birthday parties in the daytime or in the evening. Information about booking terms and conditions can be obtained from management or the caretakers. 


Two barbecues are available to residents near the basketball pitch. These barbecues can be used every day from 12 noon to 10pm. 


Squash court

Very popular in winter. And excellent acoustics too.
Available 24/7.

Climbing wall

Also called the cave-room, it is equipped with a 2-metre high wall where you can practice your moves and handholds. You will then be ready to head to the cliffs of the Pilat, our beloved peak.

Tennis court

A real tennis court but the occasional odd rebound will ascertain you keep focused.

Multisport pitch

ME’s multisport pitch enables to regularly do sporting activities such as football, handball, basketball or human table-football.

Indoor sports hall

A 231m2 indoor sports hall for football, handball but also dancing, Zumba or even theatrical performances. In other words, a truly indispensable amenity! 

Fitness room and gym

A room that was extended in 2016 with the help of residents. It includes a wide range of equipment and the possibility to work out with music in the background.  The gym can be used by 10 to 12 people at once. It is open 24/7.

Basketball court

The basketball court is located along the side of the Maison des Élèves and is the ideal place to let off steam… until the barbecue is ready!


Music room

This rom was renovated in 2016 thanks to the residents and is open to resident bands that wish to rehearse. It also boasts a wide range of instruments: synthesizer, bass, electric guitar, drum set, two microphones, mixing table, amplifiers… This room is managed by residents themselves and users are responsible for granting access and maintenance.


This cinema has seats that are almost all comfortable (!) a large screen and home cinema equipment to watch films, documentaries, matches… depending on one’s moods and the seasons. An association projects a range of films here.

Photo lab

The residence has its very own photo lab with red lighting and all the equipment required to develop negatives oneself and turn them into timeless shots.

Piano room

This room was revamped in 2016 and has several keyboards and pianos. This room is managed by residents themselves and users are responsible for granting access and maintenance. 


This library has a great collection of comics, a wide range of books and magazines and can be accessed from the upper cafeteria. This is the perfect spot to read peacefully and to hold association meetings.