Small studio apartment  18 m²

The hall of residence has 18 small studio apartments with a surface area of 18m2 each, boasting all the amenities of a studio apartment: main room with a bed, a study area, small kitchen and bathroom-toilet as well as ample storage.

Optimised space and affordable rent!

503 €/month* (APL to be deducted : 243 €) or 260 €

* Subject to CAF terms and conditions


18 m² surface area

Single bed

with mattress + under sheet

Small Kitchen

2 electric hobs + sink

Ample storage

Table & chairs



Bathroom - toilet

shower + toilet + sink


  • Cold and hot water, electricity, heating
  • Internet connection 
  • Cleaning of the room once per month during term time
  • Day to day maintenance and repairs
  • 24/7 surveillance

  • Access to communal equipment after payment of a yearly subscription of 20 €.

It is suggested that residents bring the following items with them:

Crockery, knives & forks, cooking utensils, sheets, duvet, pillow, towel, small domestic appliances (such as a kettle), cleaning equipment for the room and toilets.
Please note that all heating and cooking equipment is forbidden in the rooms for obvious safety reasons.