Nestled high up at the back of the park, a house has been equipped to accommodate 4 people. The rooms are rented independently. One of the tenants leaves? You will not have to pay their share of the rent!

The house has 4 independent rooms. The tenants share a furnished kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, toilet and washing machine.

The veranda and terrace offer an ideal setting in the springtime… when the park’s rabbits consent to leave you any free space!

394 €/month* /person TTC (APL to be deducted : 213 €) or  181 € per person

For 4 people

* Subject to CAF terms and conditions


A sofa

4 single beds

with mattress + under sheet

Equiped kitchen

Ample storage

Table & chairs

4 desks

Washing machin

Bathroom &  separate toilet

shower + toilet + sink


  • Cold and hot water, electricity, heating
  • Internet connection 
  • Cleaning of the room once per month during term time
  • Day to day maintenance and repairs
  • 24 /7 surveillance

  • Access to communal equipment after payment of a yearly subscription of 20 €.

It is suggested that residents bring the following items with them:

Crockery, knives & forks, cooking utensils, sheets, duvet, pillow, towel, small domestic appliances (such as a kettle), cleaning equipment for the room and toilets.
Please note that all heating and cooking equipment is forbidden in the rooms for obvious safety reasons.