The ME buildings are all connected to each other and are just begging to be explored and have their services made full use of.

ME, maison des élèves

(to ensure better integration within the residence, pronounce it "Meu")

The biggest building in the hall residence is also the oldest but it has been undergoing a facelift since 2011 which is now well underway and will be completed by 2020. 5 floors and access via 3 elevators to 192 rooms and 49 studio apartments. Each floor has 2 kitchens and 12 bathrooms for approximately 38 residents. 

The heart of the ME is located on the ground floor, with a 200 m2 communal foyer named “Le Cercle” (The Circle) where residents get together in the evenings, with a bar, table football, billiards and table tennis facilities. 

NME, new maison des élèves

(to ensure better integration within the residence, pronounce it “NeuMeuh”)

Built in 1994, the NME is an extension with a pale salmon pink coloured outside wall. It has 85 studio apartments, 4 T1BIS and 4 studio apartments equipped for people with reduced mobility. 

The NME is a 7-floor building entirely accessible by people with reduced mobility since 2012.  

2 shared kitchens located on the 6th and 7th floors provide an unimpeded view over our town! 



TNME, the newest maison des élèves

(to ensure better integration within the residence, pronounce it “TeuNeuMeuh”) 

This attractive wood-covered extension creates a connection between the ME and Cyborg buildings. This is a 5-floor building containing 30 entirely equipped studio apartments built since 2004.



Entirely repainted in 2017, its name is of uncertain origin. 

The Cyborg is an extension that is connected to the NME and ME where the other ventricles of the ME beat: secretary’s office and community hall… but also the indoor sports hall, piano room, access to Le Cercle, the laundry room… A crucial hub.

The Cyborg also includes 10 entirely furnished studio apartments which remain a haven of peace despite being within close proximity of the amenities.